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January 1, 2013


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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 1, 2013, 2:17 PM

I've been super busy with stuff that I Hardly had time to post a new Journal,I'm sorry about that it better to not See me post new stuff so you all think I've forgotten ya, HAHA nah I wouldn't its kinda hard,Okay Back to what im sayin I've thinking about doing A "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG" Cosplay.....But in order to do that I have to find some costume suppies and ideas I'm trying to think if i should do human sonic or hedgehog,I dont know.......then i thought about for my buddy to make a knuckles Or Princess Elise Cosplay it would be funny to do a Sonic06 Cosplay,HAHAHAHA O_O but yeah i don't know yet that is along time to think about it,because I'm still working on my Gamzeee Cosplay along with Some Other homestuck costume -I'm making Nepeta-John,Jade and other..............It depends on who wants one and where i can find theme..................... It will cost 20 Dollars THought if you someone i care for then it's free.....................

Yad yad Blah Blah------------ Happy Freaking New Years yall! ``2013

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